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Penasco Dreams
July 1, 2007, 8:11 pm
Filed under: poetry

We crested sand dune hills,
until I was sure nothing lay before us but desert
Ascent after ascent ending in corn-colored seas
But an aquamarine mirage topped the horizon finally,
and we drove straight for it as if to drown.

Water warm as day
wet air to run my body through
walked farther and farther,
never to have the bottom drop out
always shallow enough for kneeling.

And I laughed when you did,
1970’s gumball machine ring in hand
I could not feign seriousness
I put it on,
and we ate the biggest aguacates for dinner.

Later with flashlights,
ankle-tide of ten thousand shells
each a tiny Tao verse
Moonlit hours raise the licking waves to my sleeping side,
validating washing machine dreams.

Dawn draws Neptune fields away again,
we walk out to sea for miles
brown-spotted rays surround our feet
I turn squinting towards the would-be shore
This is the closest I have come to sea-dwelling.

Afterwards, I wear a tiny ocean on my left hand
triangular as the rays,
equilateral as the Sea of Cortez
where the water churns hot,
and my mermaid dreams were fulfilled.



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