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Mmm…that poem about me…
July 2, 2007, 10:16 am
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“Theologians, they don’t know nothing about my soul” ~Wilco


Earthen feet

Woodgrain toenails with

Roots that dangle, determined to bind

To so many places

Determined to feel at home

Ocean soul

Mutable saline

And an ever-ready tempest

I like shiny things

I like fish for friends

I have always wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback,

But I hate dog breeding

Humidity and damp earth turn me on

But I love desert heat

Tortured limbs in juniper dreams

Visit me in sleep

I have a lot of life goals

Made mostly of places

To paste side-by-side

In a life story

Reefs and mountains

Childhood island specters

Of escape, still persist

I plan for a desert marooning,

Nothing but Chapstick.

To lay with my cheek pressed to Persian tiled mosque floors,

Smile wisely over tea in Marrakech.

I am a child,

And an animal.

I am half hammerhead

Half mermaid

All sky

Quiero ver el día del los muertos en México, y comer calaveras

Someday I’ll drive to Baja,

in a 60’s muscle car, surfboards stacked,

fulfill another dream,

and cross ‘live like Dylan McKay’

off my list.


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Love this poem…

These words will stick with me for some reason:

I am a child,
And an animal.
I am half hammerhead
Half mermaid
All sky

and the ending was great:

cross ‘live like Dylan McKay ’off my list


Comment by samanthamj

Thanks SMJ, appreciate that.

Comment by laurentamrazjudson

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