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some new poems
January 30, 2008, 9:51 pm
Filed under: poetry

A few new ones written during Mid-terms–I love it: kids take tests, I write poems. Yes, please.

The Gift 

I am confused:

If each day is a gift,

Then why do we waste it working?

Am I reading my gift improperly if I so selfishly believe working is wasting it?

Or, contrarily, am I simply in the wrong line of work if I so do feel that way?

If each day is a gift,

I wish to rise early, savor a good portion of the morning unwrapping it,

A solid amount of time admiring its many uses

And clever attributes

And still have many hours to amuse myself with it down by the shore

Before I enjoy its company for dinner

And delicately

Wrap it again in anticipation of its

Delicious disrobing tomorrow.


If everyday is a gift,

I’ll need no receipt.



 The French

This room is full of posters in French,

‘And if I am to believe them,

Then the French eat chocolate, pet cats, and smile beneath the Eiffel Tower

All the livelong day.

Their funny hats sit just-so atop their well-postured heads

Ballerinas dance only for their delight

Their avant-garde fashions make them obvious as exit signs

Glowing their demon glow

At the end of nearly all hallways,

If I believe the posters.


Not a one-room schoolhouse 


When the heater stopped working,

What did I do?

I called the custodian,

That’s what.

Even though I wanted to be free from





Warmth wavers,

And instead remember wood stoves,

If I were to forgo aid and dream instead of feel,

My nose would run

And no one wants a teacher like that.



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