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winter poems & photos
February 1, 2008, 6:21 pm
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*Snow poem*

Wet snow

painting on cheeks

like candy coating


and around in a steel barrel

we tumble

to bring out

the shine


church bells before the hour

anticipate a longing

killers shadowplay in the background

house lights hazy behind me

–like no glasses on–

from this twilight storm


Two shorter days remain

until the cold releases



and slighter still

and the light will

grow again

as winter persists

a white orange

unpeeling and

unrolling under my skin.



*Winter year*

I woke up a dozen years older

And when I opened my refrigerator,

Each annual was an egg—





But not in my dress

Not in my looks

Not in my heart


I play the teacher

And cry the teenager

I play the wife

And bleed the daughter

I play the adult

And hear the child


To you it was a cigarette ash

To me it was the forest fire.




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Beautiful photography and poems!!!

Comment by Anna S

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