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For Her
February 11, 2008, 9:19 pm
Filed under: poetry

I found a piece of your hair

on me today

and it’s been more than two years

since you became the trash

(I secretly fear)

in someone else’s can.

I know it was yours

because it was not mine

and it was not his,

and for the way it was so blonde and

strawberry-dipped at the tip

–I can picture it now.

But in the moment,

I picked it off

my sweater

my hand about to drop it onto the vinyl-tiled floor

(you would have tap danced on floors like this)

and leave it to be swept up,


like all the other evidence that you ever


scraps that you left behind

–so many then,

so few now

here and there only on an old sweater.

And if I keep them instead,

I might recreate you

resurrect you

only to touch you again,

for a moment.


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this is so interesting. complex. i did not know what direction it would go in. it leaves me wanting more. to me, it is about desire and longing and what better to describe that than something that triggers memory.
my favorite line is (you would have danced on floors like this). i love that!

Comment by Liz

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