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Compost & Cookies!
July 24, 2008, 10:17 am
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Alchemy Farm
Alchemy Farm

So I thought it was about time to put up more pictures to show you around. The above picture shows our garden gate and the path leading into the farm. It’s another rainy day here, which makes me happy for the plants and it’s easy to pull out weeds, but it’s not terribly fun to stand in again.

a close-up of the lovely compost pile

a close-up of the lovely compost pile

This project has finally taken an accelerated turn. Ever since we moved in last summer we had tried to start a productive compost pile, but were met with resistance because we didn’t know where to site it, to dig or not to dig, etc. etc. Finally, coinciding with my reading of Mike McGrath’s Book of Compost and Kenneth Thompson’s Compost: The natural way to make food for your garden our compost-curious friend moved in and thus the permanent pile was finally born! We dug it out in a few ours, use the dug soil to sprinkle into the layers as we fill it with green (kitchen) scraps and brown (leaf) wastes throughout the year. Finally- no more tossing pumpkin carcasses into the woods or flinging spent lettuces and cabbages out of the fridge and into the dark night hoping the deer would eat them. Instead we now have a nice-size glass canister on the counter that all our veggie trimmings, shells, and the like go into until one of us brings it down the yard to the pile.

I have also become obsessed with Barbara Pleasant and Deb martin’s composting book/website that is absolutely fabulous. They discuss endless composting methods, including the one I am most excited to try– comforter composting. In this method you garden directly in a prepared pile created the previous fall inside the garden. You just get to it right there come spring. In fact, it even discusses how you can leave certain species of seeds in the ‘comforter’ from the previous fall, and have them grow on their own as the weather warms–brilliant not only in its simplicity of seed-planting, but of compost maintenance. Who wants to traipse all over the yard with various piles? I love these ladies…

What else is going on around here? Well the black krim tomatoes-my favorite- are developing their signature green shoulders and purple-red bottoms. this makes me very excited. if you’ve never had a black krim, come on over! Their smoky taste is to die for!

yesterday I also made zucchini chocolate chip cookies from the fantastic Barbara Kingsolver’s
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year in food Life. Such an amazing and inspirational story. It was really what pushed me to make the garden the crazy place that it is, and try to take on the project of feeding the compound from it after the harvest. The cookies are out of this world, and I recommend using dark chocolate chips. Enjoy, and trust me, they won’t stick around your house very long. What a great way to use up all that zucchini!

AVM zuke cookie

AVM zuke cookie


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You made the zuke cookies!!! You have to send me some.

Comment by andrea

I made them today. They are awesome. Thanks for directing me to the recipe. Though I am not sure they look as pretty as yours do…

Comment by Liz

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