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Second-Wave Corn
July 28, 2008, 6:35 pm
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getting down @ Coney Island- photo L. Hall

getting down @ Coney Island, 2007- photo L. Hall

Corn is pretty much one of the best parts of summer. Between the happiness of its color, the slippery, buttery goodness, and the fun of picking it out of your teeth later (not to mention the thrill of tamales, or for that matter, popcorn), it’s pretty much tops. So, in celebration of that, today I planted another set of corn, this time a quick short-season variety to pick by the end of September. Last night after the rain I went out and weeded a large bed that I had let go after my giant pumpkins never sprouted, and this morning I put in the little canary jewels.

Hopefully they will soon look like our other varieties, who should be ready for roasting any day now. Come on over and shuck some with us…

Stowell's Sweet & Rainbow Inca Corn

Stowell's Sweet & Rainbow Inca Corn

Tomorrow I will be talking quiche, my new favorite way to utilize prolific zucchini, and have a *fantastic* frozen dinner for some time down the road to boot…it’s super easy, and I’ll be sharing the recipe. See you then!


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