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Eating Wild
July 31, 2008, 10:39 pm
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wild Gardiner blackberries

wild Gardiner blackberries

So, there has been a little hiatus on the action around here as I have spent the past 2 days intensely weeding the garden in preparation for Tomato Time. I figure everything needs to be in tip-top shape in order to even attempt to keep up with the mayhem of preservation and harvest they will bring. And I must say,  it looks fantastic, and is functioning better than ever. But after all my sprucing up this afternoon, I wandered around the rest of the yard to see how the wild blackberries were doing. They are usually smaller and more tart than the berries growing in the garden, but it’s always a nice surprise to get to them before the birds do. So I waded through some serious poison ivy and delved deeper and deeper into the briers to collect just about a quarter-pound of berries. It may not sound like much, but they are beautiful and juicy and make me happy. So, hurrah for wild foods!

Naturalist Steve ‘Wildman’ Brill has a great website on foraging. Check out what he has to say about blackberries–which apparently can be found all over, even in urban parks, and tons of other wild edibles also. But do be careful–I am not encouraging you to eat anything suspicious or questionable. Always do research before eating!


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