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Food Processor (that’s me)
August 6, 2008, 1:53 pm
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Alchemy Salsa

Alchemy Salsa

Hi there. It’s been a few hectic days around here. I have been working on several art/salvage projects, as well as the ever-present harvesting and cooking. Today was salsa and pesto day. I am so happy that all the tomatoes are (almost) out of my kitchen–if only until I harvest later this afternoon! They were really starting to accumulate in enormous quantity. I really enjoy being a food processor-that is, taking all these beautiful ingredients straight from the dirt and creating a ‘product’ with them. It’s magical.

* Alchemy Farmhouse Salsa To Burn Your Hands *

Watch out for the after-burn on this stuff–depending on the type and quantity of chilies you use. I am experiencing it all over my hands from wiping off the jars! Yet oddly enough, it really doesn’t taste hot–super weird!

Fresh Local Tomatoes, peeled and squished

Fresh Local Onion, diced

Fresh Local Chiles, seeded and sliced

Fresh Local Garlic, chopped

That’s all there is to it. I never use a recipe, just experiment with the proportions. You can add anything you like–fruit such as peaches or cherries is nice, corn or beans work too. *Important: this is not a canning recipe. I refrigerate and eat it fresh only. Also, if you have never peeled fresh tomatoes, here is a trick: ‘core’ the tomato by slicing in a circle around the stem and pulling it out. then slice an ‘X’ on the bottom of the tomato. Drop it in boiling water for a minute or so, until you can easily slip the tomato out of its skin. Be careful not to burn yourself- use tongs. Happy Salsa-Making!

Fresh Presto Pesto

Fresh Presto Pesto

This is a great pesto that is very simple to make. It can be eaten fresh or frozen for several months. For those of you who recall the days of Cookies & Cream here in NPZ, this is similar to the pesto we served on the Gaia sandwich.

Several cups freshly washed, freshly cut basil

couple cloves garlic

sprinkle of Parmesan or Romano cheese

olive oil


All of it goes into the food processor and gets blended into a sensational green paste. Adjust the garlic and cheese to your personal taste. If your processor cannot handle the amount of greens, continue to open it and hand-stir the leaves underneath into the already-blended pesto to facilitate mixing.  Also, a little trick–you can up your iron and lower the amount of basil needed if you swap half of it for spinach. The taste difference is mild, and it adds vitamins. And, as an additional note, I use walnuts in place of the traditional pine nuts because they cost less and are easier to store; pine nuts can quickly go rancid unrefrigerated in the summer. Walnuts have a much longer shelf life and the leftovers are easier to incorporate into baked goods than pine nuts. As always, go with your tastes, and experiment! Enjoy!


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