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Pleasant Purple Surprises!
August 27, 2008, 1:51 pm
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scarlet runner beans

scarlet runner beans

Yesterday’s dinner was a garden mac ‘n’ cheese, with lots of garlicky tomatoes, roasted corn & chiles, and broccoli and zukes. When I went into the garden to pick for cooking, i found some wonderful purple surprises. There was a scarlet runner bean pod that had dried on the vine, so I could feel free to pick it. ordinarily you want them dry before opening up the beans. they keep better for winter storage that way. They were so pretty and speckled, as you can see. Some of the Rainbow Inca corn has blushed with purples as well, after I commented last week that it was all still white! I guess it was just taking its time. Everything tasted delicious, and will surely make even better leftovers tonight! Try the recipe if you have a great variety of veggies that need to be thrown into something.

rainbow inca sweet corn shows its colors...

rainbow inca sweet corn shows its colors...

Garden Mac ‘n’ Cheese

1 lb. small pasta such as elbows, shells, etc.

fresh cheddar for shredding

several cloves garlic, minced

1 medium zucchini (6-8 inches)

couple tomatoes, different colors are fun

2-3 roasted chiles, depending on how much heat you prefer

1 head broccoli

2-3 ears corn


Cut florets off broc. and shear kernals off corn. Put in pot to steam lightly. Sautee garlic in EVOO and keep an eye so it doesn’t brown and turn bitter. If you have not already roasted the chiles, set the oven to broil, coat them in EVOO and lay them on a tray below the burner, turning frequently till all skin blisters. remove carefully from oven and wrap in wet paper towels and tie in a plastic bag to steam. Remove skins by sliding off after steamed for 10-20 minutes. Test their heat, and chop and set aside for later use. Add steamed broc & corn to garlic, as well as quartered zuke slices & tomato chunks. Sautee several minutes until fully cooked and aromatic. Meanwhile shred the fresh cheddar to your liking and blend with the cooked pasta in a large baking dish. A 9x 13 should work. Mix in the garlic veggies and chiles, and layer thinly sliced tomatoes on top as a garnish. they will brown nicely in the broiler and their juices will seep into the dish. Broil for 5-10 minutes until all is melted and enjoy!


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