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The Muse
January 31, 2008, 12:43 pm
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Some days I see a picture, the sky, or wake from a dream and know I MUST create something based on these images. But a lot of other days, he just keeps me happy enough to want to make things…


favorite photos
January 30, 2008, 9:41 pm
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It’s nice to take a piece of life and save it for later. I guess that’s why we photograph.

Here are some favorite shots of mine…

Deer at the beach> LI,  February 2006

Surfers, LI March 2007

A shy crab, scurrying> LI August 2006

L. hall comes to town> NPZ October 2006

Tahoe. January 2007

West Meadow Beach, rose glasses. January 2006

Ian, being corny 🙂  July 2004

West Meadow, August 2006

Christmas, 2007

Southampton, July 2007

Instant happiness, June 2007

Bumblebee sunflower> Ian’s garden, September 2002

Wonder Wheel, Coney Island> September 2005